Top 5 street foods in Ho Chi Minh city

Countless moments of smiling when you discover different varieties of things especially food. There’s a lot of new trending food in this generation; they just keep popping out everywhere and anywhere. But what’s the best is that when you travel at the same time find places to eat and to discover on your journey. Food comes from people who knows how to cook! If you are into local foods or street foods, this is the best place that you should try! Ho Chi Minh city is famous place travel of Vietnam.

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The place is called “Ho Chi Minh City” or well-known as Saigon City. So what does this city can offer when it comes to food and what is their top street foods.

  1. Banh Beo (Water Fern Cake)

Banh BeoThis is a signature dish in Saigon; It is a variety of small steamed rice cakes or rice pancakes in Vietnamese cuisine. This dish was believed derived from it shaped like duckweed. And Banh is a Vietnamese word for cake. This dish is topped with crunchy pork rinds and toasted shrimp powder and served with a fish sauce that enhances its flavour!

  1. Banh Da Xue Hen

This dish consists of a large rice paper crisp with a little bit of sesame seed and arrives with coconut on a plate. If you’re going to look what’s under the rice paper crisp, it may contain pile of teeny tiny clams fried in lemon grass, Chili’s, onions and garlic. It can be considered as a simple dish, but it gives you the best food sensation. There is a heavier version of this dish that consists rice on the plate and served with a bowl of clams that makes it an entrée.

  1. Banh Cuon

banh cuonThis street food is a little bit simple, but it can lock all the flavours. It is a steamed rice paper crepes filled with wood ear mushrooms and ground pork that is seasoned with salt and pepper. This dish can be considered as a breakfast food. This is a big yes to give it a try because it is topped with tiny crab, meat, different vegetables and comes with tiny sprouts adding basil and shallots can emphasise its taste and aroma. But if you are into the spicy food you can add chilli flakes on it to give the sweating sensation done by the spice.

  1. Bun Bo Hue

Bun Bo HueThey always say that soup is good for the soul, if you’re into soup this is the best food for you to sip on it! Most people know this for the common term that is mostly used “Pho” the rice noodle soup. But this Bun Bo Hue is made with lemongrass and chilli, which is so strong and citrusy because of the lemongrass. It comes with big cuts of meats. They use spices like paprika to give taste and the annatto oil that gives fiery orange colour. Using a shrimp paste it enables to complicate a little bit the layer of the taste, giving people a good time and good taste. This soup gives a great life to your soul so you must give it a try!

  1. Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio

Do you believe in the saying that noodles can give you long life to live? Well if you believe in that statement this food is surely for you! This food is well known in different world locations. It is a Rice vermicelli noodles, with a grilled boneless pork that looks so tasty! And everyone’s favourite the crispy pork spring rolls that make a perfect combination with the dish. They use a different kind of food paper to the spring rolls, rather using a cloudy rice paper they use “Big Banh Trang” for short it is a rice paper that been already softened. For sure you’re going to order more than once with this spring rolls, and it will keep you rolling!

There is still a lot more of different foods that this city can offer, but this is one of their best street foods, But people get mistaken because it looks already and entrée, but the real thing is it is just street food to them. You don’t have to decide what to try and not to try; the best thing is to taste anything! But for sure you will like them and love them. Eating different culture food is the best way to learn and to like food even better! So pack your bags and start planning your food trip!


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