Review Easton Salvo Composite Balanced ASA/USSSA

If you are looking for good ASA slow pitch softball bats, the Composite Balanced bat from Easton is highly recommended. Although this bat has top notch quality and is one of the bestselling bats from Easton, its price is reasonable and affordable. A detailed analysis will give you more insights of this product before deciding if it is the right bat for you or not.


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Easton Salvo series come with 4 models: Endloaded ASA, Endloaded USSSA, Balanced dual stamped (USSSA/ASA), and Balanced Senior League. These 4 models are distinguished by color code, and the main colors of Salvo Balanced ASA/USSSA are black and yellow. Therefore, there is no other color option available. However, the ultra-thin grip together with yellow color brings the bat a sleek yet youthful look.


The Easton Salvo is 100% composite one-piece bat. The material used to make this bat is the IMX Advanced Composite. This kind of composite is indeed the advanced one because it helps to enlarge sweet spot significantly as well as general more power; and as a result, bring amazing pop. Furthermore, the one-piece design ensures good contact with the ball and comfortable feel. Therefore, this bat is really loved by contact hitters.

As its name implies, this bat is balanced one but some players claim that it’s slightly end-loaded. However, players, even the ones at entry level don’t have any difficulty in controlling the bat; and powerful hitters also like it. The control over the bat is enhanced by the single composite system and the ultra-thin gauze grip.

The Easton Salvo Balanced has the standard size: 13.5 inches in length and 2 ½ inches in diameter barrel, 29/32 Inch Handle, Ultra-Thin Gauze Grip. Hence, this bat could fit and bring comfortable feel as well as good control to most of players.

Other benefits

The Easton Salvo comes with 1 year warranty from Easton, so players don’t have to worry about its durability. Secondly, unlike other composite bats, Easton Salvo is hot out of the wrapper, it doesn’t break-in period. Lastly, although only ASA and USSSA are shown on its name, this bat is also approved by NSA, ISA and ISF. So it could be used in almost all major leagues.


The Easton Salvo Composite bat has the common problem of a composite bat: it doesn’t perform up to its full potential under cold weather.

Although the ultra-thin grip is said to bring good control, many players don’t really like it. Some players have solved this problem by putting lizard skin grip on the bat.


As mentioned from the beginning, the Salvo Balanced bat is loved by many people not only because of its high quality but also of its reasonable price. This bat is sold at 129.99 USD, a very good price point for a quality that has satisfied many people.

In conclusion, Eason never fails to bring amazing bat with great quality to customers. Easton Salvo Balanced slow pitch bat is one of the most successful ones from Easton. More amazingly, its price is affordable. Therefore, if you are looking for ASA slow pitch bat, choose this Salvo Balanced bat, you won’t be disappointed.


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