Golf push cart vs. Golf pull cart

There are 2 main types of golf cart: push and pull cart. Understanding differences between these types could help you have better choice when buying new golf cart.


To begin, let’s take a look on the history of these 2 types of golf cart. When golfers were tired of bringing along all kinds of heavy golf equipment around golf courses, golf pull carts were introduced to help them carry and manage those golf stuffs better. This type of cart were most used during 1990s until  some cart makers decided to add 1 more wheel to golf cart so it could be pushed ahead smoothly and then golf push carts were born. Nowadays, golf push carts are more popular due to its great advantages compared to the other type.

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The most obvious similarity between these 2 types of golf cart is its purpose. Both golf push and pull carts are created to carry, store and manage several golf stuffs properly. They help golfers save time and energy.

Besides, almost all of golf push and pull carts could be folded into more portable size, so they could be stored and carried along easily.


  • Moving

As their names imply, the most noticeable difference between golf push and pull cart is how it’s moving around golf courses. Golfers walk behind their golf push cart and push it ahead. In contrast, golf pull carts are dragged behind golfers. Of course, a golf pull cart can also be pushed but it’s not the common way.

  • The number of wheels

best golf push cart

Golf pull carts have only 2 wheels at the back. Normally, the bottom of the cart stands still on the ground and prevents it from moving; only when you lift its bottom and free these 2 wheels, the cart could be moved. On the contrary, golf push carts have 3 wheels, 2 at the back and 1 at the front like Clicgear Model 3.5+; some modern models even have 4 wheels.

  • Design

Golf pull cart was invented first, so its design is quite simple and basic. Meanwhile, golf push cart is like an upgraded version with many innovations. Therefore, golf push carts usually have more attractive and sophisticated design.

  • Convenience

Many golfers prefer golf push cart because they have to put more energy to pull a 2 wheel cart than push a 3-wheel cart. When pushing the cart, the momentum from your walking helps energy to be transferred more easily to cart’s wheels. On the other hand, pulling golf cart could strain golfer’s shoulder. Therefore, it‘s very tired and uncomfortable for golfer to pull a cart carrying a lot of heavy golf equipment for long time. Furthermore, the 3 wheels are better in maintaining stability of the cart when moving on uneven surfaces.

  • Size and capacity

Normally, golf push cart with 3 wheels are bigger than pull cart. Besides, because of better stability, golf push carts often have larger storage and more accessories. This is an advantage because it brings more benefits to golfers. A golf push cart usually comes with umbrella holders, bottle holders and even a seat, it’s very convenient. However, it’s also a disadvantage because more accessories means more weight added into the cart.

Overall, golf push cart outperforms pull cart in many aspects. That is the reason why push carts are the choice of almost all golfers nowadays.


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