Top 5 Best Men’s Running Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is not a rare injury among runners and it’s hard to cure completely. If you are a runner with plantar fasciitis, the first and most important thing to do is to find the best shoes that would give adequate support and protection to your feet as well as not worsen your condition. However, choosing the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis is such a complicated process. The below list of men running shoes which received the best rate from runners with plantar fasciitis will offer you some good suggestions.

Asics GEL Nimbus 15

Asics is well-known for making the best athletic shoes in the market with best fit, great stability and cushioning. And the GEL Nimbus 15 is even a remarkable improvement compared to previous lines of Asics. It has better cushion together with added technologies such as FluidRide midsole in order to bring better shock absorption and comfort. However, size is the only problem with GEL Nimbus 15 because it would be difficult for people with wide feet to find a fit from this line.

New Balance 990v3

new balance men's 990 v3 running shoes

New Balance has launched several running shoes models every year and it’s undeniable that most of those shoes are considered the best running shoes in the market. New Balance 990v3 is just one of them. Despite classic and simple look, 990v3 has the most advanced technology called EVA foam midsole to minimize and disperse shock as well as bring the most comfortable feeling to runners, even the ones who has plantar fasciitis. It also comes with many width sizes to fit with many types of feet.

Saucony Kinvara 4

4th generation of Saucony Kinvara is such a successful upgrade with many new benefits. The first thing to mention is its material which is of high-quality and considerably lightweight. Besides, many tests have also pointed out that Saucony Kinvara 4 is kept stable during long and fast running. This shoe is recommended for marathon or personal work out. However, it has received some complaints regarding durability.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS14

Brooks Adrenaline GTS14 men's running shoes

Brooks is well known for their famous GTS line and GTS14 is rated the best in this line. It has great cushion and padding to ensure adequate support for your feet during running. Besides, this GTS14 has “Crash Pad” midsole which is new technology that could make transition from heel to mid-foot smoother. Another strong point of GTS14 is its durability; it’s reported to last significantly longer than most of other running shoes in the market. GTS14 is an ideal choice for flat feet people but it’s better to try on the shoes carefully before buying because there are some complaints that GTS14 is a little bit too tight.

Asics GT2000 2

Asics GT2000 2 has received numerous compliments from runners who have plantar fasciitis thanks to its excellent support and stability. The midsole and heel support of this shoe are so great that it could bring runner the best comfort in every step. The most special feature of this model is Impact Guidance System that could fit runners’ personal running styles. It’s one of the lightest running shoes in the market but its lifespan is comparatively short. Another small drawback of this model is its short laces which are sometimes annoying to users.

These above shoes are praised by many people but the good shoes of others maybe not the good ones for you. Therefore, you are highly advised to come to brick-and-mortar stores to try on the shoes and have your own opinion.


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