6 Tips to Address the Issue of Cloth Diapers in the Nursery

Modern cloth diapers are like my obsession. I decided to use them when my little Kung Fu Baby Boy was eight months and against all odds the continued using until he learned to go to the bathroom. Everything was going great until I had to start working and thus bring it to a nursery. Ask the question was not easy, but I advise and share my tips here to address the issue.

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Real Diaper Association has a list of nurseries and child care center that accept cloth diapers. You have in mind does not appear, do not panic, remember that the diapers take fabric are not necessarily something that will publicize the four winds, so do not get discouraged and just addresses the issue, as you probably have not yet encountered a mom who uses them.


Knowledge is power. Familiarize yourself with the regulations in your state regarding the use of cloth diapers. In Florida, for example, there are no restrictions on the utilization of these, so it is at the discretion of the nursery you choose to accept it or not, however, there are other states that always accepted as there is a noted pediatrician recommending the use of cloth diapers because of allergies or any other medical condition.

If your state regulations permit and day care does not have a written policy in which is stipulated the use of cloth diapers, it is very likely that you agree with them and convinces them to use cloth diapers.

A picture is worth a thousand words

It is very likely that by mentioning ‘Cloth Diapers’ people who will care for your baby immediately think of grandma, which is synonymous with hard work. To avoid immediate rejection I recommend you take with you a cloth diaper pocket with hook and loop fasteners (Aplix) to make you show live and direct that do not differ much from diapers to which they are accustomed and use the diapers term modern cloth, diapers washable, reusable or organic diapers to avoid adverse reactions and assumptions.

When making the question addresses the issue by saying that now that you’re home your baby uses modern cloth diapers, and that is something you would like to continue in the nursery.

Build your plan

best cloth diapers

Logistics to change a cloth diaper and disposable diaper are quite similar, with the difference that the fabric does not get tossed in the trash, but stored in a closed container and you take them home with your little at the end of the day. Before asking the question and introduce the concept of using cloth diapers in the nursery, I recommend arms your plan and show them exactly what they should do once the dirty diaper out of the tail of your sin. Let them know you will provide a container with a lid, a waterproof bag, and all the necessary accessories to make the experience easier, I recommend you engage them in the decision on the size of the container with lid, since the space can be reduced and need to buy something small to fit the place, your needs and comply with regulations.

Confidence and patience

It is important that you approach the subject with confidence, and you show it is something that means a lot to you. Answers all the questions and remember that this may be an entirely new for people who take care of your little concept.

Trial period

Most people are not very familiar with modern cloth diapers, so it is likely to find negative along the way. Do not feel discouraged if you say no at first, since you can reach agreement on a trial period, as only need to remove the taboo that cloth diapers are more laborious.

Cloth diapers are health benefits of your baby, the planet and to the pocket. If for any reason the nursery does not agree, you always have the option of taking eco-friendly disposable diapers for them and use cloth diapers at home. I assure you that you will be contributing significantly to the ecosystem and save money equally.

Good luck with the choice of cloth diaper!


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