How to wash, how to rip them, how to fold…

Is there a perfect pair of jeans? For some brands, the numbers say yes (to more than 1000 euros). Others far less can also be if you are comfortable in them. The secret? How to keep it? Machine wash or hand? Can it go with funny shirts for women? Decorate with scissors, with blades or wire, hand? Roll or folder? Revealing all these mysteries to keep your jeans as the first day.

Raw denim

Some fans do not wash their denim jeans until six months. These are called raw denim .: rigid, freshly dyed, no worn. The reason is simple: if the Cowboys have not gone through any process Sanforized (Cowboy treaty procedure for after washing, not shrink) after washing them, lose your way. Note: beware genuine ‘raw’: colorfast.


When you buy a pair of jeans, make sure whether or not they have gone through this process. Virtually all firms offer sanforized jeans, so after washing can be sure they will not lose the way as they would not be completely untreated. Still, some people prefer to give them time to take shape, and the first wash is done when they start to give way.

Wash them if you are long

It is a fact. Cowboys always have to shrink a little in length (even if they sanforized). So if you are a bit long, do not worry. Two previous washes and problem are solved. An important fact to know if it happens the opposite case need a full size if you are just long.


There are two ways to treat the color of your jeans. If you want to avoid fading, wash them inside out in cold water and hand. If you want to clarify the original tone, do not hesitate: wash them in hot water.


You do not like the smell of your jeans to wash them? When they are not worn, the smell that can not be entirely pleasant for clothing dyes and ingredients. Wash them and hang them on a hook in the bathroom when you shower. Or, put them in a bag and freeze a couple of days. Both steam and freezing will cause odors disappear.

Tip for color

Mix a half cup of white vinegar with washing in the final rinse cycle in the washing machine. Thus they keep the originally worn effect if it is a dark cowboy.

Drying, better air

Avoided as far as possible to dry your jeans in a dryer. Especially if you do it in intense heat programs. It is best to place them lying on a clothesline and let air dry. Hang code only benefits by the weight of water in tissue.

How to fold

In folder or roll? Neither. Fold your jeans as a ‘pro’ involves the following process: Spread them on a flat surface and fold them in half (from left to right). Take then the legs half down and placed the cuffs aligned with the waist. Fold again from the bottom up. Ready!

Let them breathe

If you have room, it is best to place your jeans in a not too close place with other garments. Some say that the fibers of this fetish clothing Need to breathe! A shelf or a drawer will be the best place.

Try on your jeans through the neck!

Do you not have time to try them in the store? It takes note of the “Method neck”: Place the waist jeans around his neck. If it fits comfortably, it’s your size!


If you bought a size, you have left tight in the waist, pulling her toward the after washing, still wet sides. If anyone can lend a hand, while you ask the stretch, someone drives the waist with a hairdryer. One trick apparently works!


If you like ripped jeans, takes note of these tips to get the same effect so DIY. For a light opening, use a utility knife to make a small opening and pulling it sees to tear them. Take the threads break lightly. If instead you want to get a ripped without breaking, put the jeans on a flat surface and with open scissors, go tearing horizontally where you want to get the worn effect, uncut. Wears up to the level you prefer.


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