Small Tips For Your First Round Of Golf

It has been 10 years since I started playing golf, which has become an important part of my life, the nutrition that keeps me alive each day. Though  I’m quite proud of myself today, it is not an easy path at all to reach this level. I had to practice a lot and tried different ways to improve my skills.   I still remember those old days when followed my father to the golf store. He told me that I needed the best golf equipment like clubs, balls,… and even the best golf bags. I asked him why they must be the best. He told me that a serious player would do that. The best golf bags with best golf equipment  inside  will make you feel that you are responsible for making the investment worthy. That ‘s why I have played golf with a serious attitude right from the beginning. It is not a game to me. It is something I need to do the best. I do not mean that you have to feel like me to play golf well. But you should have a good attitude if you want to go further in this game.

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That is a little piece of advice from my own experience. It is said that success is 80 percent attitude and 20 per cent skill. It is really true. That is the reason why I talk about attitude before sharing with you some basics of rules and etiquette for your first round of golf.

The rule number one that you should never forget is to take the right equipment to the course.  Although there is no rule telling how many clubs you must have in your golf bag, you should prepare around 10 clubs. The maximum is 14 clubs. If you have the intention to borrow clubs from other golf players, forget it. You will not be caught by the police but borrowing clubs is something against the rules and people don’t feel comfortable to let someone else use their equipment. You should also have a number of tees in your golf bag. And don’t forget your golf balls. I’m sure that in the first round, you will go home with just a few balls or even no ball left in your golf bags. Don’t be sad. Take it easy because that is the investment that every golf player has to make.

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The second rule for you beginners is to make a tee time. How can you make a tee time? You can do it by making a phone call to the golf course a day earlier and ask for a specific time. It is a good idea to get to the golf course about 20 minutes early so that your group can have time to warm up your body before the historic first round of golf. In case you are late for the tee time, don’t lose your temper. It is not a vital matter. Keep calm and try your best.

In conclusion, I want to stress that a good attitude and self – confidence will do a lot of playing golf. So while you practice you playing skills, remember to do it with a good attitude and a belief that you can do the best. Good luck with your first round!


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